we're the Team Collective


Welcome to Team Collective! We are so excited to have you here and cannot wait to show you all that we've prepared for you as a member of our team! Whether you are new to the collective or have been hanging around since the start, there is something here for everyone that is sure to help you see growth in your business!

Janell, Melissa, & Katie

Meet our Team

Team Collective was started by three women, just like you, set on a mission to empower and encourage other women in business: Janell Vonigas, Katie Harris, and Melissa Koehler. Together, we share the same mindset, goals, and visions for our teams, so we created a place where all of our teams could come together. A place where you will find encouragement, business tools, and a welcoming community that will help you grow your own successful team!

Coming Together

you can sit with us

While we love this space for all of us to come together, we do still have our own individual teams where we get a little more personal and talk specifically to our business members and downlines. These groups are another place for you to feel welcomed and encouraged and we’d love to have you there as well. If that sounds like something you and your team is interested in, find out from your upline which group you belong to and come join us there so we can get to know you better!